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Saamik SiumutLeft, Forwards3 point
SaamikTunumutLeft, Backwards2 point
Talerpik SiumutRight, Forwards3 point
Talerpik TunumutRight, Backwards2 point

*Note: At the 2014 competition in Qaqortoq the point value was changed to 1 point for every second.

Set Up

  • hands apart, alternate grips

Helpful Hints

  • feet first (backward version) is usually easier for beginners
  • for forward version twist shoulder over first, head leaning to one side
  • swing legs to gain momentum, if knees have to bend a lot to keep from hitting ground set ropes higher
  • Most common reason for getting no points: jumping to start instead of lifting feet and hanging first


Must move around the rope. No jumping.

Acceptable Habits:

  • swinging legs before pulling body up
  • putting feet or ankles on rope


High ropes require well developed upper body strength. In the simplest form the rope is held with alternate grips and the body must be brought all the way around both in both forward and backward orientations. From this basic idea there are dozens of more difficult maneuvers. To save time some of the more advanced competitors will do a forward and backward turn without stepping to the ground, but this is not required.