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Saamik SiumutLeft, Forwards9 point
SaamikTunumutLeft, Backwards8 point
Talerpik SiumutRight, Forwards9 point
Talerpik TunumutRight, Backwards8 point

Set Up

  • little finger over ropes with palm away, other hand on ropes with palm towards face

Helpful Hints

  • Attempt only after achieving success with other fingers
  • turn wrist forward to take weight on base of finger


No Points:

  • jumping
  • other fingers wrap around rope on finger hand

Acceptable Habits:

  • twisting ropes to find most comfortable position for finger
  • doing forward and backward in succession without touching ground in between


The harder finger move. All four variations total 34 points. If a competitor makes all eight fingers in both directions it is worth 120 points.