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Saamik SiumutLeft, Forwards8 point
SaamikTunumutLeft, Backwards9 point
Talerpik SiumutRight, Forwards8 point
Talerpik TunumutRight, Backwards9 point

Set Up

  • hands apart, alternate grips, rotating so that no part of body other than hands touches the rope

Helpful Hints

  • kick strongly with free leg
  • wind up action is important, generate strong momentum to fling body into position over rope
  • try to balance on hands over ropes when at top of rotation


Must move around the rope. No jumping. Most common reason for getting no points: stomach or legs brush against rope

No Points:

  • resting torso on hands when body is over ropes

Acceptable Habits:

  • pausing at top of rotation


The final series of high rope maneuvers are a repeat of the initial series with the added requirement that no part of the legs, head or torso touch the rope. This is a supreme test of not only strength but coordination and balance. The moves also have the added difficulty of being at the end of the list, so endurance comes into play as well.